Zur Zeit kursieren ein paar Fake Mails, welche euch dazu verleiten wollen eine neue TeamSpeak Version herunterzuladen. Geködert wird mit Versprechungen wie, z.B. höheren Geschwindigkeiten. Lest was die Jungs vom TS dazu sagen …

Do NOT Download or Execute FAKE TeamSpeak PATCH.EXE
(Written by Florence on April 15, 2007 18:53 CEST)
If you participate in our forums, you may have recently received an email asking you to download a PATCH.EXE file. Please do NOT download or execute this file.

> Now you can download new Team Speak patch. It will help you to use our
> Team Speak servers.
> We advise you to download it now
> http://www.goteamspeak.com/downloads/patch.exe

Oder wie bei mir:

You can download a new Team Speak version
+ Checked a lot of bags
+ Higher speed of connection
+ A new function – Team Chat (c)
Enjoy Yourself (c) Team Speak and Triton CI & Associates, LLC

Recently a security exploit on our website allowed an intruder to send a mass-email to all registered forums users, informing them of a supposed patch for TeamSpeak. ***THE EMAIL WAS FAKE AND MALICIOUS IN NATURE*** We have been working around the clock to address this issue and as of this moment it is now RESOLVED. Please keep in mind we take these matters very seriously and are always doing everything we possibly can to ensure that your visit to our website is safe and secure.

Please visit this forum for more information on this topic.