Seit gestern ist der neue Patch zu haben,
viel vernünftige Verbesserungen scheint es kaum zu geben, kleines Beispiel…Tooltip auch jetzt für die Def Gun.

K-Play hat bereits geupdatet so das ihr den Patch bereits ausspielen könnt bzw. müsst. Ladet euch aber bitte NICHT den Incremental Patch 1.4 auf 1.45 (50.7MB), dieser scheint fehlerhaft zu sein. Wir haben dies heute Nacht bei 5 leuten getestet und bestätigt gefunden.
Der Fullupdate Patch (107 MB) hingegen scheint tadellos zu funktioniert und kann aufgespielt werden. Der angehängte Link verweisst direkt auf den Download des Full Patches.


Welche Neuerungen der Patch nun genau bringt erfahrt ihr wenn ihr weiter lest oder wenn ihr euch unter "inside the squad" die Patch History anschaut.<p> <b>IMPORTANT INFO INVOLVING AIR CONTROLS IN PATCH 1.45</b>

Patch 1.45 has introduced 3 new AIR controls, located under CONTROLS in the
OPTIONS menu, on the 2nd page of the AIR tab. If you have applied the 1.45 patch
to an existing, previously played install of Battlefield 1942, you will need to
define keys for these controls in ORDER for them to work while playing.

For reference, if you apply the 1.45 patch to an installation of Battlefield
1942 that has not been previously played, the keys are setup by default as
follows :<ul>
<li>AIR Control

Default Key

GO TO POSITION 6 — Key 6</li>
<li>game.listPlayers will now display client IP addresses when run FROM the
server console</li>
<p> <b>CLIENT FIXES</b><ul>
<li>Support for Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack

<li>Land vehicles will not respawn if player is too close to spawnpoint.

<li>Def Gun now has shell icon instead of rocket.

<li>Fixed issue with using the mouse wheel as a control.

<li>AI skill no longer resets to EASY when browsing menus.

<li>Dropped kits stay on static objects such as bridges, houses, etc.

<li>Fixed issue with disappearing buttons after activating a custom game.

<li>Tooltips added for Def Gun, stationary MG42 and stationary Browning.

<li>Kits can no longer be picked up FROM a distance.

<li>Fixed force FROM explosions on vehicles which were sometimes wrong,
and caused vehicles to roll over.

<li>AI players don’t count when voting in COOP.

<li>Possible to SELECT position 4, 5 and 6 in aircrafts.

<li>Console background does not disappear after switching to main menu.

<li>Changing camera view while shooting or leaving water works.

<li>CO-OP briefing text now displays the specific conquest type for each
map (Assault, Head-On or Hybrid)

<li>Names with line-feeds are now valid.

<li>Fixed floating exploit.

<li>Fixed first person animations, which sometimes stopped prematurely.

<li>Fixed crash when changing camera view under certain conditions.</li>
<p> <b>BF 1942 Server Rental Information</b><blockquote>
<p> Ever wanted to command your own server? Does your Squad need a place to
practice or fight other Squads? Beginning with the release of 1.45, we will be
launching the Battlefield Server Lease Program to meet the needs and wants of
the Community. This program provides high-bandwidth, high spec machines (equivalent
to those we use for the Official EA Battlefield Servers) to members of the
Battlefield Community to lease and serve Battlefield 1942, Road to Rome, Secret
Weapons or Desert Combat. For the prices listed below, you will be getting not
only a personal battlefield on which to play but also the ability to configure
to your preferences. Command is yours: Change the map rotation, add or remove an
admin password, add or remove server operators, turn team kill on or off, etc.
— all through an outstanding HTML interface — then click a button and within
60-seconds your server will be rebooted and ready to go with the new settings.
The power is yours… use it well, soldier.

Server lease rates are $8 dollars per slot per month for a public server (can be
password-ed/unpassword-ed at any time for those unexpected clan matches) or $4
dollars per slot per month for a private server (password-ed all the time, ideal
for clan practices) — plus initial setup fees.

Interested? Then follow the links!
<a href=""></a> ORDER a server now.
<a href=""></a> Admin your server.</blockquote>