Mal eine erfreuliche News für unsere Rennfahrer. Sierra hat vor 2 Wochen ein Track Pack für NASCAR Season 2003 released. Ich weiss zwar nicht ob ihr das alle schon habt (wisst), aber ich denke eine News ist es jedenfalls wert. Lest weiter dann erfahrt ihr wo ihr das Pack Laden könnt.Hier ein Auschnitt aus der englischen Beschreibung der 3 rein virtuellen Tracks, reale Vorbilder haben die Strecken leider nicht.

<i><b>Hillside International Speedway</b>
Hillside International Speedway (HIS) is a one-mile racetrack. Its straights are each 0.2-mile long and banked at 12 degrees. Its turns are each 0.3-mile long and banked 36 degrees. HIS? high-banked turns and smooth newly paved racing surface allow for the most exciting and highest-speed racing ever experienced on a short track.

<b>Eight Bowl Superspeedway</b>
The Eight Bowl Superspeedway is a 2.5-mile racetrack that is shaped like the number eight. Its straights are each 0.5-miles long and flat. Its turns are each 0.75-mile long and banked at 31 degrees. The "front-straight" is actually located on a 25-foot tall bridge. Turns 1 and 2 rotate counterclockwise and gradually descend 25 feet to the "back-straight". The "back-straight" is at ground level and runs under the bridge. Turns 3 and 4 rotate clockwise and gradually ascend 25 feet to the "front-straight".

<b>Papyrus Motorsports Park</b>
Papyrus Motorsports Park (PMP) is a 3.77-mile road course with seven turns. Unlike most road-courses which are highly technical and are only drivable by experts, PMP is very accessible to the novice. The turn radiuses are low, the turns are banked, and the racing surface is wide and forgiving. Novices and experts alike will be able to jump in the car and start turning fast laps. We describe this track as "Roval"… Road Course meets Oval.</i>

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